33RD UNAA Convention Activities

Monday, September 6, 2021

Officers from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control attend UNAA: L-R: Ms. Rose Tutegyereize (Senior Immigration Officer), Mr. Simon Mundeyi (Principle Immigration Officer), Mr. Ferdinand Kyoheirwe (Immigration Attache-Uganda Embassy)

The 3rd day of  #UNAA 33 activities included a segment for engagement with senior officials of the Uganda Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control in which there was an exchange of views regarding consular services and processes, including dual citizenship, the new E-Visa requirements. The Embassy officials set up National Identification  and enrollment kits to enable Ugandans in the diaspora to apply for IDs and and pick-up those that had been issued by the NIRA.

Embassy staff carry out National ID enrollment and issuance of ready IDs for diaspora members

Scores of Ugandans visited the Embassy registration site and waited patiently for assistance, which included questions and answers on immigration matters. The participants expressed appreciation to the Embassy for bringing the services closer to them, given the individual costs involved in traveling to Washington, DC. They asked that the Embassy makes periodic visits to the United States sub-regions for Consular outreach and education programs.