Ambassador's Message

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Uganda in Washington, D.C.

My colleagues and I have a simple mission: We are here; first and foremost, to strengthen the excellent relations between Uganda and the U.S. we project, promote and protect Uganda's interests in America. We cultivate and establish strategic partnerships to support our diaspora, source investments and enhance lives of Ugandans back home.

Fortunately, this new age of commercial diplomacy forms a very crucial symbiotic thread that ties things to each other. And as one with over 30 years in coffee quality control and management of Uganda's biggest export, I see very promising trends and patterns in the Uganda/U.S. relations. Thus, I am keen to be that cultural broker and deal maker between us.

For the 10 years I served as a Member of Parliament, two key lessons I garnered were from service as an African Parliamentary Union delegate, and as founder of our Savings and Credit Cooperative Society. Combined with my experience in coffee, I now realize that home grown solution are already in place, and that Uganda stands to benefit more from regional integration, than as a singular land-locked nation. As a group, we can better utilize U.S. programs like AGOA that encourages African exports to the United States market as well as American investments in Africa.

Like President Museveni has always said, Uganda must industrialize. We make this a reality by ensuring that American investors have someone to do business with. Hence, we must be business savvy, credit worthy; we must be ready. And we must work on these things together.

I pledge to play my part in keeping my door open for you. And perhaps, one of these days, my colleagues and I will look back with pride, knowing what we did for God and our Country.