Accreditation of members of foreign press

An employee of a foreign mass media organisation or working as a freelancer for that mass media who intends to practice journalism in Uganda must obtain an accreditation card issued by the Uganda Media CouncilThe procedure for obtaining an accreditation card is as follows:

Obtaining clearance from Uganda Media Centre (visit )

1. A passport size photo;

2. A photocopy of the bio-data information page of your passport;

3. Photocopy of your passport page with Ugandan visa;

4. An introduction letter from your employer or commissioning organization;

5. A completed copy of the Application Form which can also be filled and submitted online or sent by email.

Obtaining an accreditation card from Uganda Media Council (visit )

1.  A clearance letter from Uganda Media Centre

2.  A passport picture;

3.  Accreditation fees; 

  - US $100 for one month or less 

  - US $200 for a year (or the equivalent in Uganda shillings)