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Friday, 6th July 2018

The Uganda-Boston Community Convention organized by the Uganda-Boston Community Association (UBCA) took place from July 28-29, 2018 at the Lexington Elks, 959 Waltham Street, Lexington MA, under the theme "Ugandan Community Empowerment for a better future in Massachusetts."

The City of Waltham,Middlesex County MA often referred to as Little Kampala, is home to a largenumber of Ugandans in diaspora living in the U.S.A. It is estimated that thereare about 1,500 Ugandans in diaspora living in the Boston area.

H.E. Ambassador Mull Ssebujja Katende accompanied by Amb. Santa M. Laker Kinyera, Deputy Head of Mission, and Mrs. Grace L. Mungereza, Consular officer, undertook a visit to Boston, Massachusetts from July 27 - 29, 2018. H.E. Ambassador Katende and the team from the Embassy participated in the Boston diaspora community convention and made a presentation of Consular services offered by the Embassy including e-Visas, passport renewal, processing of dual citizenship certificates,emergency travel documents, authentication of documents and Consular visits of Ugandans in detention among others.

H.E. Ambassador Katende and the team from Uganda Embassy also held meetings with community leaders, attended church service at St. Mary's Catholic Church Waltham and participated in the Radio Uganda Boston program to address various issues raised by the diaspora community.

During the Radio Uganda Boston program, many Ugandans in Diaspora had opportunity to ask questions on a wide range of issues. On business with the United States of America, Amb. Katende encouraged the Ugandan diaspora to take advantage of their privileged position in the U.S.A to engage in investment, trade, tourism,technology and skills transfer for their own benefit and for the social-economic development of Uganda.

H.E.Ambassador Mull Katende handing over a Certificate of Dual Citizenship to Dr.Asea Alexander, a member of Uganda’s diaspora community in the U.S.A during the Uganda Boston Community Convention held from July 28 - 29, 2018 at the Lexington Elks in Boston MA.

H.E. Ambassador Katende andteam from Uganda Embassy Washington D.C  meeting with Community Leaders of diasporaCommunity in Boston Area.

H.E.Ambassador Katende and team from Uganda Embassy meeting with Captain Jeff Rodley, Representing Waltham Chief of Police during the Uganda-Boston Community Convention.

H.E.Ambassador Katende and team from Uganda Embassy participating in Radio Uganda Bostonprogram

H.E. Ambassador Katende addressing members of the Ugandan diaspora during the Uganda-Boston Community Convention.