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Ambassador Announcement

Friday, 7th December 2018
Ambassador Announcement



The Republic of Uganda is set to introduce an international East African e-Passport ot replace and eventually phase out the current East African and international Machine-Readable Passports and would like to inform you as follows:

1. The new e-Passport will be presented in the following colours: Sky Blue (Ordinary Passport), Green (Service Passport) and Red (Diplomatic Passport).

2.  The Commissioning of the International EAC e-Passport is scheduled for the end of January 2019, however the issuance will commence on 7th December, 2018. 

3.  The Phase out of Current Passports shall be as follows:
i.   government of Uganda has designated a two-year transitional period to allow for a gradual phase out of the current passport.
ii.   during the transitional period all citizen with valid Machine Readable Passports will continue to use them for international travel until January 2021.

4.   Ugandans in North and South America will, during this transitional period, submit their applications for the e-Passport manually through the Embassy until the Personalization Center (Uganda Embassy, Washington DC) is fully re-tooled to resume issuance of the new passports.  New Application Forms will be posted and availed on the websites of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (, Directorate of Citizenship and immigration Control ( and all Uganda Missions websites.  Further, applications through the Embassy will require physical presence at the Embassy so that applicants' bio-data is captured before sending the applications to Kampala for issuance and return of the new e-passports.  Another notice will be put out to announce the readiness of the Embassy to capture bio-data of applicants. 

5.  Before the Commissioning date of the e-Passport system, the following shall apply:

i.     Duly filled application Form
ii.    Attach a copy of the National ID of the Recommender 
iii    Attach a copy of National ID or National Identification Number of the applicant
iv.   Attach copies of academic documents for proof of profession (where applicable)
v.    Attach proof of payment of prescribed fees
vi.   Attach a copy of birth certificate, adoption order, consent letter from parents/guardians in case of minors
viii. When the passport is ready, the applicant will be alerted of proceed and pick up their passport

NOTE:    Applicants will be required to present original documents where applicable.

6.  After commissioning of the e-Passport system schedule for the end of January 2019, the e-Passport application process will be both manual and online and the procedure shall be as follows: 

a)  Manual Applications;
i.    Applicants will be required to fill out an application form with all the details.
ii.   On completion, the applicant will proceed to the Bank to make payments and proceed to the nearest Passport Centre to submit application and undertake bio-metric enrollment.  
iii.  When the passport is ready, the applicant will be alerted to proceed and pick up their passport from the place of enrollment. 
b)  Online Applications;
i.    Applicants will be required to fill out an online form.   The form will act as an assessment tool wit URA.
ii.   The applicant will be required to schedule an interview online with the Passport Office (Kampala, Mbale, Mbarara, Guru and all Uganda Missions abroad)  for purposes of enrolling applicants' bio-metrics.
iii.   Applicants will print out the application with the Payment Registration Number (PRN), proceed to the Band to pay the Passport Fees.
iv.   The applicant after payment will proceed to the Enrollment Centre mentioned above for the scheduled appointment. 
v.    After the interview, the application will be processed and the passport printed for those that will qualify.
vi.   When the passport is ready, the applicants will be alerted to proceed and pick up their passport from where the applicant was enrolled. 
vii.  If the applicant doesn't qualify, he/she will be immediately notified.

7.    The fees for the international East African e-passport shall be as follows: 

Ordinary passport (48 Pages)      UGX 250,000
Service Passport (64 pages)     UGX 400,000
Diplomatic Passport (64 Pages)     UGX 500,000
Express Processing Service     UGX 150,000
Courier Service for Applicants Abroad     UGX 10,000
Certification of Passport     UGX 30,000
Fine for Replacement of lost or damage Passport     UGX 100,000

8.    A copy of the Press release and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be posted in due course for further engagement with our stakeholders.

This is therefore, to inform all our clients of the introduction of the new international East African e-Passport which will be used alongside the current machine-Readable Passport until 31st January 2021 and to regret the interruption of services by the Embassy.  You will be updated as we try to make the transitional period as smooth as possible.  

December 12th 2018