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Embassy hosts Uganda Community to Grand Celebration to mark 57th Independence

Sunday, 3rd November 2019

Amb. Katende welcomed the Ugandan community members,pointing out the significance of holding a "family celebration" especially for them, in spite of the official reception previously held in Washington DC.

Guests were treated to an official thematic Video illustrating the strides that have been made in consolidation of National Unity, Security Freedom and Prosperity reminding the members that the theme called for Ugandans to reflect on the tremendous history and transformation that Uganda had undergone in the last 57 years and to continue working hard towards the realization of our shared vision of transforming Uganda into a modern prosperous country.

The Ambassador tackled frequently asked questions particularly in the Consular Services department, in light of recent policy changes surrounding dual citizenship, passport changes and National Identification Card registration. He introduced the Embassy staff to the public and explained what their various roles are.

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