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Embassy staff spent the morning of Friday December 20th 2019 with Mr. Solomon Jagwe, ( the Creator and Director of the Nkoza and Nankya TV series, an African based, 3D Animated Adventure set in Uganda,.

Wednesday, 1st January 2020
The TV series will also address social issues in Africa and Uganda, such as the value of hard work, life in Rural and Urban Schools, Health Challenges, Wildlife Conservation, Environment Awareness, and the hope and Value of Dreaming Big and pursuing one’s Dreams and Passion. 

 In addition to the Comic books and tv series on youtube, Solomon created an easy to use app "Nkoza and Nankya" that helps kids and parents learn Luganda anywhere in the World. The app features Luganda lessons, Games, Songs, Stories and Videos designed to serve as an EduTainment tool to help Parents and Kids share in a fun experience of learning about Uganda’s rich cultural heritage, folktales, singalongs, and languages.

Even though he has started with Luganda,he intends to continue to add more languages. In Solomon's own words, "Together we will help our kids grow up knowing their Cultural Heritage and Languages". The Embassy is delighted to partner with Solomon in using his creation as an information, education, outreach and interactive tool to bridge the gap between children in the United States and those in Uganda. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel: at: Order the Comic book with a bonus Illustrated Luganda and Swahili Lessons, from Amazon at this link: