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Hon. Maria Kiwanuka assures Ugandans in diaspora of government's commitment to making Uganda a top investment destination

Wednesday, 15th October 2014
Hon Maria Kiwanuka addressing celebrants at the 52nd Independence Anniversary Celebrations in USA

Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance, Planning and\r\nEconomic Development, said Government is working hard to build infrastructure\r\nto facilitate business in Uganda and the region. She implored Ugandans in\r\ndiaspora to take advantage of the conducive environment and invest in Uganda. 

The Minister said government is taking measures to reduce on the cost of doing\r\nbusiness in Uganda. The removal of trade barriers within the EAC, she said, has\r\nso far helped reduce the time of transporting a container from Mombasa to Kampala\r\nfrom 21 to only four days, and this will reduce further. 

Hon. Kiwanuka also\r\nsaid government is committed to fighting corruption and reducing red-tape to\r\nensure that investors easily incorporate their businesses in Uganda. She further\r\nrevealed that development assistance from the USA to Uganda is on course and the\r\nWorld Bank will soon release the $90 million support to the health sector.

Source: Uganda Embassy