This document is Volume 2 of the Diaspora Resource Mobilization and Utilization Project Compendium of Investment and Business Opportunities. It is complimentary to Volume 1, which presents information on the economy and key sectors that present investment business opportunities.
It presents business ideas that have been identified as most responsive to the priorities in the various sectors. They are presented as one page summaries to give an insight of the feasibility of their implementation.

They also show the scale of investment, production or output volumes, values and profitability are provided as key information in these ideas, believed to be the critical data necessary for making an investment business decision.

The business ideas are presented in the following download documents below.

Please download: Table of Content
                             Agriculture Sector
                             Trade Sector
                             Mining Sector
                             Social Sector
                             Health Sector
                             Tourism Sector
                             Infrastructure Sector
                             Education Sector
                             Work & Transport Sector
                             Oil & Gas Sector
                             Forestry Sector