E-visa FAQs

Q:   Do I apply online and send my documents to the Embassy?

A:   No, the entire process takes place online. Once submitted, it will be approved, denied, or deferred for more information. If approved, please download the approval letter and carry it when you travel. If deferred, you will have the option to upload the requested additional information online. And the application will be reviewed again.

The actual visa sticker will be issued upon arrival.

Q:   My payment did not go through. Why?

A:   The card issuer may have identified the charge as fraudulent and may have blocked it. Please contact them to verify.

Q:   It says"payment is in an invalid state." Why?

A:   Please cancel the application, re-submit a new one and process the payment again.

Q:   My documents cannot be uploaded. How to fix this?

A:   This is due to the file size of the document.Please reduce the size. If you are having trouble with PDF format please convert them to JPEG and try uploading again.

Q:   Do my documents have to be scanned using a scanner or can I use my phone instead?

A:   You may use any type of electronic device to make copies as long as the contents are clear and comply with the correct format.

Q:   My doctor says I should not get the yellow fever vaccination/ there is a shortage of the vaccine, but the application does not let me proceed without it.

A:   You may get a doctor's note in the first situation OR a note from a doctor or a recognized clinic in the latter.

Q:   How do I check the status of my application after submission?

A:   Please click here

Q:   I will be travelling soon. Can the Embassy expedite the process?

A:   Unfortunately, the applications through the E-visa system are reviewed and approved directly by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (in Uganda) and the Embassy does not have any control/ authority over the approval process.Therefore, we encourage applicants to plan accordingly. However, we are here to assist you with the process and any issues you come across when completing the application. 

If you have already submitted an application and need assistance but was unable to reach us on your first attempt, kindly leave us a message with your application ID, passport no., DOB, name as it appears on the passport, your name if you are not the applicant, and a phone number to reach you. This will help us access your application to obtain the most current status before we get back to you. 

Please note consular department hours are Monday - Friday - 9:30am to 3:00pm (EST).