1.    Q: if I have a passport but no birth certificate can I still apply for a National ID?

A:  No. in order to process your national id, you should first process your birth certificate to give sufficient proof that you are a citizen of Uganda. Read more about how to acquire a Ugandan Birth certificate Click here 


2.     Q: My parents are deceased, how can I process a national identification card without attaching the copies of their identification cards?

A: If your parents are deceased,please present your birth certificate, passport and any other supporting documents to be able to substantiate your application. The other documents that may be accepted include:

*       Copies of academic transcripts

*       A copy of baptism card


3.    Q : How long does it take for the identification cards to be processed

A: The Embassy captures your data and forwards it to the National identification and Registration Authority in Kampala. Once the NIRA processes the data and verifies it, the cards are made and sent to the Embassy. The Embassy then posts the list of the names of the printed identification cards on the Embassy website. This process can take up to 3 months.

4.     Q : If I registered for my National identification card in Uganda, can it be mailed to me here in the US

    A: No, you have to collect your identification card from the registration   center where your data was captured.

5.     Q: I registered for my ID card at the Embassy in Washington DC. Once my identification card has been processed, and sent to the Uganda Embassy. Can it mailed to my home address?

             A: No you will need to appear in person to pick up your   identification card as you are required to submit your bio-metric finger prints as proof of identity.

6.    Q: Can I walk in to the Embassy and register for my national identification card at any time?

             A: Registration is strictly done on appointment. Click here to request an appointment ............................. (COMING SOON Online Registration)

7.    Q: How much does it cost to register for a National identification card?

             A: Registration for your first National identification card is FREE of charge. Subsequent issuances come at a fee. Click here to view statutory fees for National ID cards


8.     Q: Are children eligible to get National identification cards?

                 A:Children below the age of 18 years are not eligible to acquire National identification cards but can be registered. For a child to be eligible to register, both or one of the parents have to have copies of their National identification cards.

9.     If I attain the age of 18 years, how do I go about applying for a National Identity card?


Where a person attains the age of 18 years, he/she should within ninety (90) days of turning eighteen years apply for a National Identity card.


*       He/she should state his/her NIN issued to them after their application for registration as a citizen has been approved.

*       Such a person shall appear in person before a registration officer and shall have all bio-data captured especially all bio-metrics and face image.

*       After satisfying the above mentioned requirements, such a person shall be issued with a National Identity Card.


10.           When and where do I get registered if I live outside Uganda? Can I register online or at our nearest Embassy?

A: Registration cannot be carried out online. Any citizen of Uganda who lives in North or South America and the Caribbean and cannot travel to Uganda, must appear in person to be registered as a citizen of Uganda at the Uganda Embassy in Washington DC. You may request an appointment here (COMING SOON Online Registration).  In preparation for registration, applicants are requested to read the terms and conditions in advance and carry all relevant documents for your enrollment interview. Click here to view checklist of relevant documents and Click here


11.           Q:  If I lose my identification card, can I come to the Embassy for a replacement?

            A: Yes, the Embassy can process a replacement ID card. All citizens are cautioned to keep their National ID cards in a safe place.

You will need

1.     Are placement form 11

2.     A copy or record of the missing or mutilated/damaged ID

3.     A receipt of UGX 50, 000 paid at authorized bank in Uganda (DTB)


12. Q: If my identification card that was issued in Uganda has an error, can it be corrected at the Embassy?

A: No,this process can only be done in Uganda. Please ensure that you verify all details on your new Uganda National ID before you sign for it. If there are any errors, notify the registration officer and DO NOT sign for the card or take it away. If you do sign for thecard, a replacement fee will be levied on you in Kampala when you apply for correction. Click here to download an error notification form:


13.              Q: How do I know when my identification card is ready for pick up?

   A: You are advised to check the Embassy website regularly for updates but allow for 90 days of processing before you begin to check for updates.