An Emergency Travel Document (ETD) is issued to Ugandans who have lost their passports but urgently need to travel to Uganda. It is a one-way travel document, and expires upon arrival at Entebbe Airport. You must be ready to apply for a new passport in Kampala before traveling outside Uganda. Applicants for ETD must prove beyond doubt that they are Ugandan citizens. The following are the requirements:

1. Proof of citizenship (e.g. photocopy of passport or birth certificate, National ID Card, Voter Registration Card, etc)
2.  Completed Application Form for Ugandan travel document
3.  A Letter explaining why the applicant does not possess a valid Ugandan passport
4.  Two (2) coloured passport-size photographs 
5. US$ 50.00 processing fee. Only Money Orders or bank receipts are accepted.
6. A self-addressed priority or overnight/express return envelope (the Embassy will not send documents by regular mail)
7. Travel itinerary or air ticket.