Visa Requirements

Visa fees for entry into Uganda are as follows:

1. Single Entry Visa              US$50
2. Multiple Entry Visa           US$100
3. East Africa Toursist Visa   US$100
4. Gov't Officials                     No fee
5. Diplomatic Visa                  No fee 

Holders of Passports

1.   Submit an online application through the e-visa system by clicking herePlease note that the online visa application system is centrally managed in Kampala and all inquiries related to the application should be directed to the contacts provided on the application site. 

Once your application has been approved, you can either come to the Embassy in Washington for personalization, or travel to Uganda and obtain a visa at the airport/point of entry. 

2. Applicants coming to the Embassy for personalization must submit an original passport valid for at least 6 months past the expected date of departure from Uganda;

3. A letter of invitation/introduction, if traveling for business;

4. An international inoculation certificate against yellow fever must be presented at the point of entry into Uganda;

Holders of Travel Documents 

Holders of travel documents (non-passports) issued by the U.S. Immigration Department to refugees are required to submit the following in addition to the above requirements:

1. An invitation letter from the host legally residing in Uganda.

2. The host must obtain a letter from the local authorities (such as Local Council I Chairman) confirming that he/she resides in that locality.

3.  A copy of a Photo ID of the host in Uganda, such as a driver's license, national ID card, passport, etc.

4. A copy of the travel itinerary or airplane ticket clearly showing Uganda as the destination.