Offices of state which a person holding dual citizenship is not qualified to hold

  1. President
  2. Vice\r\nPresident
  3. Prime\r\nMinister
  4. Cabinet\r\nMinister and other Ministers
  5. The\r\nInspector General and Deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG)
  6. Technical\r\nHead of the Armed Forces
  7. Technical\r\nHeads of Branches of the Armed Forces
  8. Commanding\r\nOfficers of the Armed Forces Units of at least battalion strength
  9. Officers\r\nresponsible for heading departments responsible for records, personnel and\r\nlogistics in all branches of the Armed Forces
  10. Inspector\r\nGeneral and Deputy Inspector General of Police
  11. Heads\r\nand Deputy Heads of National Security and Intelligence Organisations (ESO, ISO\r\nand CMI).
  12. Member\r\nof National Citizenship and Immigration Board