General Information on Dual-citizenship

Conditions\r\nfor dual citizenship are detailed in the Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendment)\r\nAct 2009. All Ugandans who lost their Ugandan citizenship by way of obtaining\r\ncitizenship of another country can now reacquire their former Ugandan\r\ncitizenship. Ugandans who desire to acquire citizenship of another country can\r\nalso do so without losing their Ugandan citizenship.\r\n\r\n

A citizen\r\nof Uganda of eighteen years and above who voluntarily acquires citizenship of\r\nanother country may retain the citizenship of Uganda subject to the\r\nConstitution (of Uganda), the Citizenship and Immigration Act, and any law\r\nenacted by Parliament.


A person\r\nwho is not a citizen of Uganda may, on acquiring the citizenship of Uganda,\r\nsubject to the Constitution, the Citizenship and Immigration Act and any other\r\nlaw enacted by Parliament, retain the citizenship of another country.


Currently, the Embassy does not process Passports or Certificates of \r\nCitizenship for Ugandans who are applying for dual citizenship. \r\nApplicants should submit their applications to the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Kampala.

Click here for a list of requirements to apply for dual citizenship

Read the Dual Citizenship Act 2009 for more information.

For details, visit the website of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control.