1. 1.     Q: Why was this new passport introduced?

A: During 17th ordinary Summit of the East African Community Heads of State Summit in Arusha on 2nd March 2016, the EAC Heads of State launched the new international East African Community E-passport and directed that commencement of its issuance takes effect from 1st January, 2017; and implement the phase out programme for the current East African and national passports from 1st January, 2017 to 31st December, 2018. The Heads of State further directed partner states to undertake awareness creation programmes and other continuous outreach programmes. The new EAC e-passport is a fully digitised document incorporating biometric security, making it fully compliant with international best practises, and therefore accepted at border controls all over the world. This is the departure from the old EAC Passport which was usable within the EAC only. Click here to learn more about the new EAC-Passport. (create link to THE NEW EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY E- PASSPORTS page 1)


  1. 2.     Q: When will the Embassy start issuing the new East African Community E-passports?

A:  The new E-Passports are currently only issued in Kampala, Uganda until further notice. However the Department of Immigration in Kampala is working round the clock to roll the service out to all our passport processing centers around the world.


  1. 3.     Q: My current machine-readable passport is still valid can I use it for travel?

A: The deadline to use the old passport is 1st January 2021 when all the old passports will be recalled to be replaced by the East African Community electronic passports. Until, then, you may use your passport.


  1. 4.     Q: Are there new requirements for passport renewal?

A: Yes there are. All new Passport applications have an additional requirement for information on your Uganda National Identification Card. The Directorate of Immigration and Citizenship Control has introduced a new Form G to replace the previous forms A and B. Click here to learn more about the National ID and to download Form G



  1. 5.     Does the Embassy continue to receive applications for onward transmission to Kampala?

A: No. Until further notice, all applicants must process their applications directly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kampala.

  1. 6.     Q: I live in the North America, South America and the Caribbean, I do not have a National ID and cannot travel to Uganda for passport renewal. How can the Embassy assist me?

A: Even though the Embassy is not renewing/issuing passports we are processing recommendation letters for applicants to send in with your paperwork to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda. Applicants are advised to send a formal request for a Passport Application Recommendation Letter, by email to the Consular Officer, Uganda Embassy, Washington DC ……….. and attach the following supporting documents.

  • A completed passport application FORM G
  • Scanned copies of Pages 45 and 47 of your Uganda passport
  • A copy of your driver’s license and/or any other official documents that can serve as proof of residency and address e.g. A bank statement, a utility bill etc.
  • Include a reliable call-back number in your email

The Embassy will prepare a letter of recommendation and a scanned soft copy will be emailed to you. You can then send all your paperwork and your old passport together with the Embassy letter via courier to a trusted third party who will manually submit your paperwork to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda on your behalf.

Once an applicant has a letter of recommendation/cover letter from the Embassy, they will not be required by the Ministry of internal Affairs in Uganda to appear in person or to provide their National Identification card if they have not yet applied for one.

  1. 7.     Q: I became a US citizen; can I apply for a Ugandan passport?

A: No. Once an applicant acquires US citizenship, they will need to first apply for Dual citizenship once they receive a certificate then they will be able to apply for a Ugandan passport.



  1. 8.     Q: What is the cost to process the new EAC E-passport in Uganda?

A:  Ordinary passport costs 250,000 shillings

     Express service at 150,000 shillings

     Official/service passport cost 400,000 shillings

     Diplomatic passport cost 500,000 shillings

     Expedited processing fees 150,000 shillings

     Certification of passports 30,000 shillings

     Courier service for applicants abroad 10,000 shillings

       Please click here for statutory passport fees schedule (create link to section on COST REVISION on page 6)


  1. 9.     Q: How long does it take to process a passport in Uganda?

A: It takes 2 weeks to process a passport with the regular fees and 2-5 business days for an expedited process. For clients in the diaspora, this does not include time taken for shipping and handling to Kampala and from Kampala. Note: To expedite the process of a passport, an applicant will have to pay the regular fee of 250,000 Uganda shillings plus the 150,000 shillings. All fees are paid in the bank. Click here for information on online payments to the Uganda Revenue Authority (create link to HOW TO MAKE AN ONLINE PAYMENT FOR YOUR PASSPORT RENEWAL/REPLACEMENT/CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY (EMERGENCY TRAVEL DOCUMENT on page 9)