Emergency Travel Documents




1.     Q: Can I use an Emergency travel document to travel to any other country besides Uganda?

A:  Emergency travel documents are one way travel documents used in lieu of a passport. An Emergency Travel Document can only be used to travel to Uganda. In order to leave Uganda and return to the US, South America, Canada or the Carribbean, you will need to process a replacement passport before exiting Uganda. Click here for passport application. 

2.     QHow long does it take for the Embassy to process an Emergency travel document?

A: It takes the Embassy 2 Business days to process an Emergency travel document. Please make sure that all the supporting documents listed on the Embassy website washington.mofa.go.ug are mailed in. 


*        Completed Application Form G for Ugandan travel document

*        A Letter explaining why the applicant does not possess a valid Ugandan passport

*        Two (2) colored passport-size photographs

*        US$50.00 processing fee. Only Money Orders or cashier's checks are accepted.

*        A travel itinerary or a copy of the applicant's ticket

*        A self-addressed priority or overnight/express return envelope (the Embassy will not send documents by regular mail)

*        https://washington.mofa.go.ug/data-smenu-67-Emergency-Travel-Documents.html



The Republic of Uganda - Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, Washington DC - USA