Accreditation of Members of Foreign Press

An employee of a foreign mass media organization or working as a freelancer for that mass media who intends to practice journalism in Uganda must obtain an accreditation card issued by the Uganda Media Council. The procedure for obtaining an accreditation card is as follows:


(I) A letter from an employer to The Executive Director Uganda Media Centre/ Secretary Media Council stating the purpose of visit.
(II) Two-passport size photographs and a Scanned Copy of your Passport Can be attached physically or electronically.
(III) Form G is filled stating the particulars of the applicant. Download Form G from the Bottom of this Page

  1. On approval by the Secretary to the Media Council of Uganda,
  2. a fee of US$175 per person is paid for a period not exceeding 30 days of the journalist’s stay.
  3. a fee of US$225 per person is paid for a period beyond 30 days up to six months of stay.
  4. a fee of US$325 per person is paid for a period of two years. Refer to the Press and Journalist (Fees) Regulations, 2014.

After Filling Form G Send application to the email Addresses below; and