Uganda Embassy in Washington, DC hosted a cultural event

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Last night September 26th 2021, the Uganda Embassy in Washington, DC hosted guests to a cultural evening sponsored by THINGS TO DO D.C. a Cultural Diplomacy organization in the District of Columbia. THINGS TO DO D.C. has over the years become a staple social event for young professionals in the Washington, D.C., area The evening was promoted as an occasion to introduce D.C. young professionals to the “Pearl of Africa”.

The elegant event was held at the Embassy Chancery at 5911 16th St N.W., garden and featured an evening of fun, Ugandan food, music  and dancing organized by THINGS TO DO D.C., which describes itself as “the premier social and networking organization for young professionals.” Similar events are periodically sponsored by the organization at various Embassies in Washington, D.C.


Approximately 80 guests were welcomed by the Ugandan Ambassador to the United States, Mull Ssebujja Katende, who regaled the young professionals with stories about Uganda, the tourism and culture as well as investment opportunities. He encouraged those present to consider putting Uganda on their bucket list of places to go at least once in their lives. Scenes of Uganda Tourism played on the flat screens in the Chancery building.

Guests dined on traditional Ugandan cuisine, including staples like Matooke, Posho and rice, fried gonja and varied meat stews as well as the signature groundnut sauce. They were also treated to what turned out to be a popular sampling of Uganda Waragi at the bar.

Music edu-tainment was provided by solo musician Daniel Ssuuna a long-time African cultural ambassador; performer and teaching artist, who gave an energetic and captivating performance to the audience, prompting them to participate in an authentic journey of Ugandan art, culture and literature. Ssuuna, created an exotic fusion of traditional and contemporary Ugandan music, dance and storytelling accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Adungu, akogo, entongoli/endongo, Engalabi and Djembe African Drums which he invited the guests to play, while singing and dancing along to local songs.

Each visitor was given a complimentary take home gift-bag of Ugandan Coffee courtesy of UCDA and a copy of the new Smooth African Jazz CD "Dance Again", by Isaiah Katumwa, accompanied by a personal "thank you" message signed by H.E. Amb. Mull Katende.

The THINGS TO DO D.C. website advises that it has “an active membership of over 175,000 local young professionals” and it “produces original events that enrich your social and cultural experiences while enabling you to meet other young professionals in a friendly environment.”

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Photo credit: Things To Do D.C