1. Q: How can I apply for a visa to travel to Uganda?

A:   Please visit the website www.

  1. Q: Can a visa still be obtained upon arrival in Uganda?

A: No. You must first apply online and once your visa is approved you can either come to the Embassy to have it personalized or you can travel and have it personalized at the point of arrival in Uganda e.g. the Entebbe airport depending on where you are located in the US.

  1. 3.     Q: I am having trouble paying online; can I make a payment upon arrival?

A: No, payment is part of the approval process unless the visa is paid for, it cannot be approved. Click here to view FAQs about the E-visa payment system.


  1. Q: I was not able to save my application identification number how can I retrieve it?

A: Kindly send an email to the Embassy / with your passport number, date of birth and call-back number, and you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

  1. Q: I am having a problem uploading my documents on the E-visa system, how do I fix this?

A:   This is due to the file size of the document. Please reduce the size. If you are having trouble with PDF format please convert them to JPEG and try uploading again. Click here for additional answers to other questions about E-visas.


  1. Q: How long does it take for a visa to be approved online?

A: It takes 7 days. You are encouraged to submit your E-visa applications 30 days in advance to allow for any delays or eventualities.


  1. 7.     Q: Do I apply online and send my documents to the Embassy?

A: No, the entire visa application process takes place online. Once submitted, it will be approved, denied, or deferred for more information. If approved, please download the approval letter (travel authorization) and carry it with you to the airport. If deferred, you will be requested to upload additional information online. Your application will then be reviewed again.

  1. 8.     Q:   My doctor says I should not get the yellow fever vaccination/ there is a shortage of the vaccine, but the online application does not let me proceed without it.

A:   You may attach a doctor's note detailing any medical issues you may be experiencing with the vaccine

  1. Q:  I applied online and I will be traveling soon but the visa is still not   approved. Can I still travel to Uganda with just my application identification number?

A: Yes applicants can still travel with the approval letter; however visas should be applied for a month before the expected date of travel to allow for visa processing delays. In case of an emergency trip to Uganda, applicants are advised to notify by contacting the Embassy Phone: 202 726 7100 Email: info

  1. 10.                        Q: How do I check the status of my visa application?

A: Please make sure you have your application identification number, passport number and date of birth ready: click 'Applications', 'manage my applications', fill out your information and select “check status of my application”