Monday, January 24, 2022
Matthew Hill, a 6th Grader, from Florida aged 12 years, paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy with his mother, Ms Stephanie Hill, and his Grandmother Ms Marianela Martinez on Dec 09th, 2021. 
He held discussions with the Embassy Team especially Deputy Chief of Mission/ Charge' D'Affaire a.i on bilateral matters regarding USA government and Uganda government, his researched information on Uganda. Matthew's dream of becoming a Diplomat in future is to make the world a better place to live in. 
We shared a video with them about Uganda's Tourism titled " Discover Uganda, the Pearl of Africa", and they were very impressed with the beauty of Uganda. They pledged to visit Uganda one day. Below is the email Matthew wrote to the Embassy.
Dear, Representative I am Matthew Hill an 11 year old boy with autism.I love Geography and FlagsI want to be a diplomat one day to help strengthen the relation of every country in the world and for to help everybody who is suffering.Before I become a diplomat I want to meet every diplomat in the U.S to talk about public diplomacy and their countries.I would love to meet the Ambassador or Head of Mission of the Embassy of Your Amazing Nation.I currentlly reside in Miami and for my birthday week December 7,8, and 9th my mom is taking my to D.C to vist the embassy.I have already meet 23 Consulate Generals,Deupty Head of Missions,Honary Consuls and I have been to 20 diplomatic missions in Miami and Atlanta.I love Your Country and my goal is to vist every diplomatic mission in the World.It would meen the world to me if I can meet the Ambassador or Head of Misson and Receive a Flag or pin or souvenir of your Country to remember visiting the embassy forever or take a picture with the Ambassador or Head of Mission .Thank You So Much and have an amazing day.Stay Safe and God Bless You and Your Amazing Nation Best of the world.