Amb. Mull Katende hosts Uganda Community in Jamaica to dinner

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Among the community members that responded to the invitation were a group of 6 Catholic brothers serving as Missionaries.

Although there are over 30 Ugandans on the Island, most thought they were the only Ugandans and did not know each other. But through the power of social media and the help of a Ugandan lawyer living on the Island, they received the message and joined the High Commissioner for dinner.

Thw High Commissioner expressed his pleasure and the positive response to his invitation and briefed them about developments in Uganda and the plans for stepping up the relationship between Uganda and Jamaica.

The Ugandan Community expressed their appreciation for the High Commissioner's gesture, stating that it was an event that had the effect of bringing the group together in a City where each thought they were the only ones from Uganda. They felt encouraged that the Government representative took the time to seek them out and interact with them.

The High Commissioner gifted each member a Uganda key ring and calling upon them to be individual Ambassadors, promoting their country wherever they go. He encouraged them to grow in unity of purpose and remain law abiding.